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Limestone Retaining Walls

How to Get a Retaining Wall to Suit You and Your Home

You have a few options when planning a retaining wall for your property. The four most common styles for larger retaining walls are:

  • Limestone walls
  • Post and panel concrete walls
  • L-block walls
  • Granite and Ironstone walls

Limestone Retaining walls

We specialise in limestone walls, as they are truly beautiful, and much more affordable than the other types mentioned. They are also very customisable, so they can be easily changed to suit your home and property.

L-block and ‘post and panel’ concrete walls are most commonly seen on major highways and industrial areas. They are big, bare slabs of concrete, extremely labor intensive and expensive. We don’t recommend them for homes or businesses wanting to create an aesthetically pleasing environment.

Granite and Ironstone walls look very nice, but are so labor intensive they are by far the most expensive.

Our limestone walls can be stained to achieve the colour you want. Limestone can also be sealed for more durability as an optional extra. Our limestone is a very high-quality stone sourced from Bunbury, WA. If you prefer, we can also use stone produced locally in Albany.

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