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“Keep your stuff IN and unwanted guests OUT!”

No matter where you are, it’s always important to protect your home, property or place of business. Downunder contracting is able to construct the most suitable security and agricultural fencing for your property. There is a wide range of fencing styles and designs we can provide you with.

If you’re on a farm or rural property, then you know fencing is one of these jobs which are never truly finished. It’s important to maintain boundaries, fields and paddocks. Keep your livestock in, and unwanted ‘traffic’ out of your growing areas.

We are also exclusive suppliers of the new ‘Modutech’ fencing. Similar to colourbond, Modutech never rusts or corrodes. However it can painted any colour you like to suit your property, and you can even digitally print on it! You can have images to match your garden, family photos, pictures of a cityscape, your company logo or anything else you might like. It is also very effective at sound dampening and noise reduction, owing to its clever internal structure.

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