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Tips for Livestock Fencing in Albany

If you own a farm in Albany in WA, you would definitely be aware of the importance of keeping you livestock in. Fencing seems to the best choice that can serve the dual purpose of keeping livestock in and trespassers out. There is several fencing Albany service providers who can help you in fencing your home or plot to safety, however there are certain things that you must decide upon before you hire services of a fencing Albany expert.

Research: fencing requires substantial investment and you would definitely not want to spend money redoing your fence again and again. It is therefore crucial that you research about different types of fences available in Albany in WA. You must consider the pros and cons of each type of fence before you finalize a particular type.

Define your objective: different fences serve different purposes. It is therefore important to determine the core objective of installing a fence. You could ask yourself questions like are you intending to keep trespassers out or intending to keep livestock in, is the fence suitable to accommodate the needs of your smallest and your largest livestock.

Assess the possibility of intrusion: it is important to assess different types of intrusions that may be possible on your property. Are you trying to keep racoons at the bay or are you guarding your chickens from wild foxes? Are you fencing against wild animals or dogs? Answering these questions will help you in deciding type of fencing, its height and width etc.  Fences that are used for keeping racoons at bay need to have less space towards the bottom whereas fences meant for warding off wild animals need to be strong enough to deter them by using electric charge.

Decide the placement of gates: this is quite often the most neglected area when it comes to fencing. It is important that gates are conveniently placed around the fence. Avoid having too many gateposts as it will weaken the fence. Ideally a corner gate post is best because it restricts the vehicle to the edge of the fence; similarly it enables you to drive the animals in and out of fence with ease.  Try to keep sufficient space for opening the gates for letting the vehicles in. Determining the width of the gate is crucial as you do not want your truck to be stuck on the road because your gate cannot accommodate it.

Pricing: last but not the least, draw up a budget and see what type of fence suits your needs the best. It is best to invest in a good fence as it will keep your family and your livestock protected. Following these simple tips will help you in installing a robust fence for your farm.