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Things to Remember Before Building Retaining Walls in Albany

It is essential to have a boundary wall around your property to safeguard your property.  It is but natural that you would want to mark your property by constructing a retaining wall. However some property owners may also want to use a retaining wall to work as their boundary wall. Retaining walls are robust and they also add an aesthetic value to your property. Properties with retaining walls fetch higher price in the market. It is important that you keep few things in mind when you are planning to construct retaining walls Albany as a boundary wall for the property.

  1. Ensure that you speak to your neighbour and have a mutual consent if the retaining wall would fall on the land that is just adjacent to your property.  Having a mutual consent would be important because you would be legally liable for any damage that happens to your neighbour’s property while you are building a retaining wall.
  2. You must also ensure that you hire a contractor who has adequate insurance cover.  Building retaining walls would involve digging the area so that the wall is robust. In case there is any damage to your property while building the retaining wall then your contractor is liable to pay for it, however in case your contractor is not insured then you will have to bear the damages all by yourself. Therefore it is essential that you ask the contractor if he has adequate amount of insurance to cover for any damages to yours  or your neighbour’s property.
  3. Do remember that you must ensure that you construct the retaining wall in such a way that it does not erode the soil in your neighbour’s property, nor should it spoil the landscaping of your neighbour.
  4. Do remember that you are legally liable to pay for any damages to your neighbour’s property in case your retaining wall collapses on to your neighbour’s property.
  5. You must also inform your neighbour that he should not undertake any work near the retaining wall that may cause it to weaken or collapse. In case he needs to undertake such work, he or she would be liable to pay for any damages to your retaining wall.

Apart from the above mentioned points, you must also ensure that you check with your retaining walls Albany contractor as to what material would be best possible for erecting a retaining wall.  In case you are looking at a boundary wall that also enhances the aesthetics of your property then a limestone retaining wall would be an ideal option for you. You could also use other materials for constructing a retaining wall. Don’t forget to research about different contractors before hiring them.