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Secure your Property with Barbed Wire Fencing in Albany

Are you considering fencing for your farm? Are you worried about keeping animals away from crops? Or are you worried about your livestock straying? In any case you could simply hire a fencing Albany contractor and secure your farm by erecting a fence. There are different types of fencing options available in Albany depending on your need and your budget. A professional fencing Albany contractor can help you in choosing the right type of fence as per your needs. Barbed wire fencing is one of the most popular and the most traditional method of fencing your property. In case you are planning on fencing your farm with barbed wires, you must ensure that it is 12 ½ gauges, double wrap standard wire that is galvanised with steel and coated with zinc.

There are several reasons on why you must choose barbed wire fencing for your farm

  • Economical:  barbed wire fencing is extremely economical and sustainable. It ensures that you can secure your farm without breaking the bank. It is important that you hire a professional expert to install the fence as it needs a great level of accuracy an expertise for installing it.
  • Robust: barbed wire fences are robust and they can withstand harshest of the weather conditions. Unlike other fences, you need not worry about snow or storm or heat to take a toll on the strength of the fence.  In fact you can also use this fence for protecting your property from intruders. You could probably club your mesh wire fence with barbed wires on top to keep intruders at bay. In case you feel that barbed wire is not sufficient you could probably use a razor wire to secure your property. Razor wire is potential threat for any intruder. An intruder would think more than once to venture near a property that is fenced with a razor barbed wire.

It is important that you speak to your fencing contractor and explain him your needs in details before erecting the fence. It is important to determine the number of barbed wire strands in between the posts to keep specific cattle away. If you are securing the fence for your sheep then you would need to have seven to eight strands per post whereas for animals like cows or horses you could use four to six strands per post depending on your security need.

It is important that you excavate deep under the ground for filling the posts as this will give a firm foundation to the fence. It is a good idea to seek professional expertise for installing the fence as it can be dangerous to try it on your own. Moreover a professional fence would serve you for longer as compared to a DIY fence.