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Quick Tips for Perfect Fencing in Albany

If you are planning on fencing your farm, you must hire a professional fencing Albany contractor rather than doing it yourself. However in case you are strapped for time and are unable to find the right team for the job then you could simply use these quick tips from professional fencing Albany contractors.

Dig deep: first step in ensuring that your fence is able to serve you for long is that you dig deep in the ground for putting in posts. Posts that are deep under the ground are more sustainable and they will serve you for longer.

Use long posts: once you have dug deep enough, ensure that you use posts that are long and sturdy. Long posts will provide you with sufficient fencing height even when they are buried deep under the ground.

Measure your fence: in order to lay the posts in a straight line, you can tie a vertical wire to the first post and then tie it to the last post. Then you can lay the other posts on basis of this wire.

Determine the need and fence accordingly: you must first determine the purpose of erecting the fence. If you want the fence for keeping the intruders out then you would need to use a close meshed fence with barbed wires, however if the purpose of the fence is to keep the livestock within the paddock then you could use a broader mesh fence. Using barbed wires could be optional when the fence is only for restricting the livestock from straying.

Ensure adequate tension: strength of the fence depends upon the tension created by the fence. It is important that the fence is tight so that it is able to resist the movement of the cattle. Almost all fencing wires come with a crimp that facilitates the tension. All you need to do is that you reduce the crimping to half its original size for ensuring adequate tension. Crimping more than specified would make the fence rigid and prone to breakage. Crimping less than specified would cause the fence to sag, thereby defeating its entire purpose. You must use a straining clamp at the end of the posts to ensure that tension sustains throughout the fence.

Another quick tip for ensuring easy installation of fence would be to use longer roles instead of smaller ones. Longer rolls are about 500 meters or more in length. Longer wires enable fencing by simply pulling the wires across the posts. It will save your time in tying off wires and connecting them to different posts. Following these simple tips can help you in erecting your own fence with ease. Do ensure that you are using requisite tools and wear protective clothing like gloves and boot while erecting the fence.