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Mistakes to Avoid while Installing Electrical Fencing in Albany

Fencing is extremely important to keep intruders away from your property. If you own a farm in Albany in WA, you would definitely understand the importance of keeping your livestock within the farm boundaries. You can either hire a fencing Albany expert or install your own fence for your property in Albany in WA. Electrical fencing is considered to be the most effective way of deterring trespassers. There are several things that you need to keep in mind while you install electrical fence on your property. Fencing Albany experts warn people from committing these crucial mistakes while installing an electrical fence.

1. Using thin wire: it is vital to understand that electrical charge carried by the fence is directly proportional to the thickness of the wire. Do not try to cut costs on electrical wires because they are the mere essence of your electrical fencing. Ensure that0 you use thick wires that carry sufficient charge to deter any intruder.

2. Low quality insulators: insulators are crucial for your electrical fence. You should invest in a good quality insulator that will last you for long. Avoid using plastic insulators as they tend to get spoilt in sunlight. It is a good idea to invest in dark coloured insulators. A good insulator can last you for years, so don’t cut costs on insulators.

3. Mixing metals: this is one of the most common fencing mistakes that can be ever made. Property owners tend to use two or more metals in installing an electrical fence, what they fail to understand is that when electrical charge passes through the conjoined metals, it electrolyses them this can lead to corrosion of wires thereby reducing their longevity. Electrolysed wires also deliver weaker charge thereby reducing the effectiveness of the fence.

4. Having fence posts in close proximity: quite often property owners tend to think that fence posts in close proximity will create a robust fencing; however this is not the case, if the fence posts are in close proximity to each other than the wires will be too tight. This could lead to snapping of wires when an animal or intruder runs into the fence rendering the fence useless.

5. Lack of adequate earth grounding: it is not unusual for people to bury fence posts without adequate grounding. Poor grounding will take away the effectiveness of the fence. Ideally you must bury galvanized rods that are at least five to six meters in length under the ground to create fool proof earth grounding.

6. Another common mistake is to skip the installation of voltmeter. A volt meter can tell you if adequate charge passes through the fence. Skipping on installation of volt meter will keep you ignorant about any fluctuations in the charge.