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Four Places You Must Use Landscaping in Your Yard

Far too many homeowners think of landscaping as an optional part of their property. Landscaping can actually be so much more than just the beautification of your yard. You can also use it to make your home more maintenance free. Some types of landscaping are amazingly easy to keep beautiful and give you even less grass to try to cut.
Though every yard can benefit from the beauty of great landscaping, there are four places on your property that you must use landscaping to make sure that your property is as attractive as possible.
Near the Point of Entry
Landscaping can help welcome and usher people into your home with ease. When you landscape near the door not only does it make your home more beautiful, but it makes it much easier for people to determine where the point of entry is. This can be especially helpful in homes that the door is not readily visible or there are multiple points of entry.
Under Windows
Beneath windows is another must-landscape part of your home. This helps give the outside of your home a balanced look and takes care of the hard-to-cut part of your yard. Another benefit of landscaping beneath windows is security. As points of entry, windows that are difficult to access because of landscaping are a deterrent to would-be intruders.
Around the Pool
Pools just look incomplete without landscaping. And any back yard that has a pool needs the extra beautification of landscaping to really make the pool stand out. With the right landscaping you can feel like you are on vacation in your own backyard.
Around the Mailbox and Driveway
Finally, the mailbox and driveway are two often-neglected places that landscaping should be. When you use plants and other features to draw attention to your mailbox and driveway you beautify your property in a subtle but powerful way.
When you landscape these four areas of your home, you will be surprised by the reaction from your neighbors and friends. And if you are trying to sell your home, this could make the difference between multiple offers and a house that stays on the market for months.