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Crazy Fencing you Must Avoid

It’s not unusual to encounter people who think that putting up a fence is just about a few posts plus some wire or maybe panels etc.

In some cases, that might be right but often it’s a bit more complicated than that.

Here are some of the top mistakes that Downunder Contracting has come across over the years – usually when a desperate customer has asked us to sort out someone else’s mistakes in Fencing. Albany has quite a few such examples you can see when driving around!

1. Post Foundations

There’s actually a science behind deciding what type of posts to use, how much foundation they’ll require and how many of them you’ll need.

All too often we’ve seen posts that are insufficiently secured in the ground or which are just trying to carry too much load.

The result? Posts that pull out of the ground, fencing that collapses when people sit or it or which vanishes into the horizon the first time a significant wind blows.

Keep in mind that getting this wrong can be dangerous.

2. Wrong Fencing Selected – Function

Some types of fencing are just right for the nature of the requirement and some are wrong.

For example, solid panel fencing isn’t always a smart idea on large open sites which are prone to high winds. They can also be unsuitable in agricultural areas where animals need to be either kept in or kept out – some larger animals simply see them as a challenge to lean on or push against etc.

In other cases, wire fencing might be better but it isn’t ideal for giving privacy.

3. Wrong Fencing Selected – Environment

Some types of fencing are just aesthetically unsuitable for their environment.

If ever you’ve seen intimidating wire fences used on a domestic garden in a residential area, you’ll know what that means.

Another thing is when solid fencing, that’s too high and intimidating, is used in residential property to delimit a property boundary or garden.

These errors can be catastrophic for relationships with your neighbours who won’t thank you for erecting what they see as prison-camp fencing or another Berlin Wall adjacent to their property.

You might also end up in some interesting debates with the local authority.

The message in all of this?

Let us help you with some professional advice!