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Beautiful Limestone Walls: Ideal Choice for Retaining Walls

Landscaping can alter the complete look of your house. It provides a subtle magnetic appeal to your house.  Landscaping not only adds an aesthetic appeal to your house but also works subtly towards preventing soil erosion on slopes. It also ensures enhanced security for your house. Retaining walls are one of the most essential elements of structural applications in landscaping.  There are four options available for building retaining walls namely granite and iron stone walls, limestone walls, L-block walls and post and panel concrete walls. If you are looking for an affordable yet charismatic option for building a retaining wall then limestone wall is the ideal option.

There are several reasons for preferring limestone walls over other options. Let us look some of the most important reasons for limestone walls for building retaining walls.

Aesthetic appeal: limestone is a beautiful stone and it is available in varied shades. This naturally found stone can create a fabulous aesthetic appeal for your entire house and its surrounding area.  Since it is available in such wide range of colours, you can practically create your favourite colour scheme in accordance to the exteriors of your house and the landscapes around your house. You can also create a custom colour for your limestone retaining wall The rustic charm exuded by this strong stone can instantly transform your house into a master-piece.

Durability:  you definitely do not want to build a retaining wall every year. Durability is one of the influential factors when deciding the type of retaining wall that has to be built. Limestone is naturally dense and strong. It can easily withstand rough weather conditions. Therefore when you choose to have limestone retaining walls, you are assured of its durability. Limestone walls can serve you for couple of decades and that is definitely a long time. It can be further fortified using sealants and other liquids to retain its looks.

Ease of use:  one of the major reasons for preferring limestone for building retaining walls is its versatility. Natural composition of limestone is such that you can cut it any way you want and yet you will have uniform shape for all stones. This uniformity is extremely important in structural applications and landscaping as it ensures apt construction. Uniformly cut stones also help in laying the foundation and wall accurately.

Economical: retaining walls are indispensable structural applications on slopes. Landscaping and structural applications go hand in hand to maintain the beauty of the exteriors of your house. Limestone is naturally available hence it is more economical to use than other materials. By using limestone for building retaining walls, you are not only saving money but also are choosing a more versatile and durable material.

Limestone supports creativity. It is porous in nature and hence colour tints can be added to it to create a customized colour for your wall. This colour can be in perfect harmony with your exteriors or can be a complete contrast for more dramatic effect.  You can experiment with limestone walls with ease. No doubts, they are the most popular option for landscaping and structural applications.