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Plant Hire – Albany Building Work will be Easier with the Right Tools

We’ve all done it – both professionals and DIY amateurs. That ‘it’ is finding ourselves using or trying to use the wrong equipment for the job. Sometimes that happens because we can’t afford (or think we can’t afford) the right kit so we end up trying to make do. At other times it might have happened due...
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Crazy Fencing you Must Avoid

It’s not unusual to encounter people who think that putting up a fence is just about a few posts plus some wire or maybe panels etc. In some cases, that might be right but often it’s a bit more complicated than that. Here are some of the top mistakes that Downunder Contracting has come across over the...
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How to Discover If you have Best Quality Limestone for Walls?

It’ll probably come as no great surprise to discover that there are different types of limestone and even within a given type, different qualities. Not all limestone is equally suitable for all purposes.  It takes skill and experience to decide which is most suitable in a given set of circumstances. Of course, ultimately the final decision...
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Unknown Facts About Limestone Walls

Just by way of a little light diversion, we at Downunder Contracting thought we’d share a few facts about limestone and limestone walls, Albany residents might not have known.
  1. It’s typically mainly organic sedimentary rock. It’s often made up of the remains of organic matter laid down in wet conditions or calcium carbonate that...
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